We are Here to Help.

EdAgree focuses on your international student experience. We help you put your best foot forward during the admissions process and support you throughout your study abroad and beyond, including assisting with internships and graduate admissions. We actively collaborate with our partner universities in an on-going research effort to optimize student success.  When students thrive; universities thrive.


  • Optimize Your Study Abroad Potential

    EdAgree works directly with international students to provide study abroad opportunities at US universities and continues to support them to reach academic goals.

  • Apply to College in the US

    Complete your college application on the EdAgree platform and submit directly to our partner universities all from one convenient place.

  • Match with Universities Committed to Your Success

    EdAgree continues to expand its coalition of world-class universities that genuinely care about you and your success. EdAgree is working actively with these universities to help you refine and reach your dreams.



  • Welcome Students Who Will Thrive

    EdAgree, with ETS, will bring you qualified students who are ready to succeed, and we will work with you and those students to optimize learning outcomes.

  • Extend Your Global Reach

    EdAgree is on a mission to provide equal access to students globally, and we offer services to students such a free assessments. The upshot is a steady and diverse stream of applicants.

  • Showcase Your Commitment to International Students

    EdAgree partner universities constitute a Coalition of Care…we are proud to work with universities that value international students as community members and ambassadors of cross-cultural learning.