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Our partner universities are passionate about providing both intellectual advancement and on-going well-being and security of students.  It is essential in these uncertain times that we underscore and provide infrastructure for student safety and happiness, and EdAgree is committed to working with universities that share this concern.

EdAgree partner universities are not simply looking for an increase in volume of international students--they are looking to populate a globally diverse and culturally interactive student body.

EdAgree is not in the business of finding and "delivering" international students.  We bring students into a robust research effort that will grow knowledge and capabilities over time to the benefit of the broader higher ed ecosystem--and those students.

Our partnership with universities is based in serious research, an area where ETS has unrivaled capabilities.  There is no cost to partner universities for this research collaboration--but there is an expectation that we engage in co-learning and secure data exchanges.

We will expand our ability over time to ensure international student success and how to positively impact factors like enrollment yield and graduation rates with our partner universities.

EdAgree also brings solid controls to ensure the students who apply through the EdAgree platform are qualified applicants.  Our intention is to ensure that all requirements are checked-off before submitting a cohort of EdAgree students for consideration--reducing some of the legwork for admissions teams.

EdAgree will invest heavily in delivering on-going support and services for students throughout their study abroad experience--to see them succeed, but also to learn how to maximize their success.

High Schools


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EdAgree partners with high school administrators and counselors to serve your students better...to streamline the application process...to provide secure paths to validate student data.

As an ETS subsidiary, EdAgree will offer your students free access to supportive practice and assessment applications.  Language practice, non-cognitive tests, even opportunities for reimbursement for TOEFL and video interviews.  These support capabilities will extend into their undergraduate studies.

You know that students succeed in a supportive environment, and our coalition of partner universities are ready for your students to call home.

EdAgree will bring success analytics back to you--engagement, graduation rates, internships, next steps (like grad school) so that you can track and monitor student outcomes.

EdAgree will connect you directly to partner universities and bring a deeper exposure to these universities and related information than would otherwise be available.

We’re committed to providing greater opportunities for lifelong learning and success.