EdAgree, Inc. is an independently-operated subsidiary of Educational Testing Service (ETS), the globally respected maker of tests like TOEFL and GRE. We share the ETS mission of providing greater access and equity in education. We partner with universities that share our commitment to positive learning and experiential outcomes for international students and engage in on-going research that optimizes those outcomes. 

EdAgree is an advocate for international students--EdAgree Scholars.  We provide a free platform and services to help students identify universities that will push them towards longer term success. Of course, we streamline the application process--for both students and university partners.  Of course, we also provide services to help students excel in their undergraduate studies and invest in resources to maximize the impact of cross-cultural exposure.  However, our advocacy doesn't stop there!  We continue to be a guide and resource as students progress.  For example, we help to identify and secure strong internship opportunities and to prepare for and apply to the most beneficial graduate programs.

EdAgree is also a research and services partner for universities.  We are in the business of demonstrating positive learning outcomes--we work hard to empower students to express their individual strengths and to plot their ideal academic journey.  Leveraging deep ETS capabilities, EdAgree works with a group of equally committed universities to isolate predictive success factors that may usefully inform admissions decisions.  We then collaborate with partner universities to deliver support and resources that optimize learning outcomes for international students--and for the universities.

EdAgree will not sit back while students struggle; we will work to see them succeed.